International Touch Soccer Academy offers the best quality soccer training programs in the Northern Virginia region. Our programs focus on ball mastery, creativity, soccer intelligence, teamwork, and simple enjoyment.  Our coaching staff will improve confidence and artistry on the ball while balancing the technical, tactical, mental, and physical foundations of soccer development.

Whatever your soccer development need may be, we can help!  Please see our programs or contact us if you have any questions.  


For more information about the quality of our services, please see Testimonials and meet our Staff

"International Touch Soccer Academy is committed to developing the next American soccer generation."

Adult Training
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The adult training sessions aimed at helping new Adults learn the game and helping experienced players train and improve overall soccer performance and fitness. Training sessions focus on individual offense, defence, and overall ball skills and incorporate scrimmages to work on game play and conditioning. Have fun and make new friends while improving your skills & fitness.

The individuals will improve core skills through the number of touches on the ball they will receive in each session. At the same time our experienced coaches will help adult players improve their soccer vision and game IQ.  The program includes specifically designed drills and small sided games that maximize participation regardless of natural ability.


\The training environment improves soccer specific fitness while the constant improving technical and tactical skill. Technical & Tactical training, ball mastery and a small sided game-play environment will feed your enjoyment of the game, improve your contribution to your league play and improve your fitness.


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Birthday Soccer Parties

ITS Academy birthday parties are designed to give the guest of honor special recognition and are an absolute blast for all guests!! Our ITS Academy birthday party curriculum includes fun games such as:

·      Pirates in the Sea
·      Foxes & Rabbits
·      King of the Jungle, Sharks & Minnows
·      Many more FUN GAMES


ITS Academy birthday parties can be held at local park, local gym or the child's home! Our coaches are trained to put on an excellent program in a variety of spaces.


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Footskills Training

Probably the single most important thing a child can learn in soccer is to be comfortable with the ball at their feet. In addition, the most effective way to establish and enhance that comfort is to give them multiple touches on the ball, i.e. increase their foot skills. Footskills should be the foundation of every practice session no matter how young or how old the child is. Why? Because:

- Working on foot skills at the beginning of a practice session is a good way to warm up.
- You can easily adjust the complexity of the skill depending upon the age and skill level you are coaching.
- There is always a way to progress to harder and harder skills
- You get multiple touches on the ball right away.
- Done at speed it can be a good aerobic training tool and is much more effective, overall, than running laps
- As time passes, and mastery is achieved, the skill becomes instinctive and you will see it be used in a game unconsciously.

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What is Futsal?

Futsal is a form of indoor soccer that requires quickness, vision and excellent ball skills. The world’s top teams all use Futsal as an integral part of their training programs.

Our training focuses on developing superior ball skills, balance and spatial awareness, which are all attributes of the complete player. Futsal is the quickest way to improve speed, skills and power to the ball in soccer. The three R's (Ronaldo, Robinho and Ronaldinho) all came from Futsal.


Our program has been designed to focus specifically on enhancing fundamental player’s skill and confidence in decision making under pressure.  The game itself forces ball mastery in tight space, quick decision-making, movement off the ball, and a dynamic possession style of play.


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Goalkeeper Training

ITS Academy has an ability in instructing goalkeepers. Abilities and specialized preparing are of essential significance in terms of soccer goalkeeper preparing. In this position; we're going to discuss physical and mental wellness, abilities improvement and supplies. Since it is the main position on the field that permits the ball to be touched by the hands and arms, the individual goalkeepers have leverage over the various players on the field. This makes soccer goalkeeper preparing one of a kind.

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Personal & Small Group

International Touch Soccer Academy offers private training for individuals and small groups.  A professional ITS Coach will assess players' particular strengths and areas of improvement to better refine their soccer skills.  This type of individual attention and direction given by a coach or mentor can be extremely valuable to the development of a young player. 

The most important element of a soccer player's development is personal attention. Things are not different when dealing with a soccer player. The individual attention and mentoring given to a young player by a soccer professional is extremely valuable to the development and growth of a young soccer player.

The training program will be customized to fit your child's needs.


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School Soccer Program

We comprehend that now like never before, our childhood require more chances to discharge energy and concentrate on physical wellness and activity. At ITS Academy, we endeavor to ingrain great propensities for a healthy foundation for life.

We have precisely picked activities that are fitting for age, physical condition, phase of development and investments for the majority of the age amasses that we serve. We mean to keep up these objectives while keeping it fun.

Our objective is to keep every kid energized and intrigued by learning with fun amusements and drills. In doing as such, this may empower them to perceive an energy for the sport of soccer while imparting a sound attitude for physical wellness that will tail them forever.

We feel sure that we can meet or exceed our customers’ desires for a fruitful system for youngsters, folks, and organization.

The greater part of our programs can be altered to meet your individual needs. Every programs is in light of a sum of eight weeks sessions. Moreover, we offer the choice to take an interest in as few as 5 weeks to the full eight week sessions. These programs are offered year-round.


Our programs are for children from age 5 to 13< years.  We offer activities designed to target each individual age group. 


Our program consists of 8 (eight) soccer sessions.  Players will be grouped based on age and ability.  All classes follow a simple structure focusing on one topic with the following three phases: 


·      warm up activity
·      Technical Training (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc…) 
·      game practice

Classes will be constructed around technical topics such as passing, receiving and defending as well as tactical topics such as positional awareness and movement on and off the ball.  Throughout this program, children will participate in numerous sports activities such as, relay races and other fun sports games. 

All in all, we hope to provide your child with a stimulating experience where fun, fitness and teamwork all come together.      
Ages: 5-7
We offer a fun and rewarding program for children ages 5-7 years.  The emphasis of this specific program is to provide the children with a fun introduction to teamwork. 
Ages: 8-10
This age group is instructed in the beginner soccer skills and habits.  The program emphasizes coordination and movement in soccer.  We present this through fun skill exercises and small-sized soccer games. 
Ages: 11-13<
This program is designed for an age group who have improved coordination and strength.  We realize that the younger players in this age group are still refining his/her basic skills while beginning to learn more about the concepts of space, support, and movement off the ball.  This age group will have many different levels of skill and ability.  We are prepared to work with each level at a different pace and integrate the group as appropriate.  
Our Staff
Each member of our staff is licensed with the US Youth Soccer Federation and is KIDSAFE certified.
Program Length
Programs can be designed to accommodate your school's schedule.  Sessions generally are 30-60 minutes in length.

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Scoring Goals Training

The Scoring Goals Training will focus on technical finishing and will work on areas such as striking for power, accuracy, volleys, headers and textured shots (such as chipping and bending the ball).  

At the program we can ensure that they will improve their offensive skills and their ability to score goals.  The Training focuses on finishing and striking techniques and on how to create scoring opportunities. Players learn how to think as goal scorers and make smart decisions under pressure.

The program also teaches players individual offensive skills and how to play a significant role in their teams’ offensive play. Players apply the concepts learned in offensive games and exercises including scrimmages and mini games. 

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Team Training Program


International Touch Soccer Academy provides comprehensive year-round and seasonal soccer training programs for youth teams in the Northern Virginia region. We will personally customize our services to meet the specific needs of your team. Our training methods are up to date with the best youth development programs in the world. Players will learn the technical, tactical, mental, and physical aspects of the game to help them achieve their highest performance.


Please see our training options below and Contact Us today to see what we can do for your team.




* 10 training sessions per season (Spring and/or Fall). 
* The training sessions will be provided once per week 
* 1 1/2 hours per training session
* Week-long Summer Camp & Winter Camp

* Tournaments Optional

* 20 training sessions per season (Spring and/or Fall). 
* The training sessions will be provided twice per week 
* 1 1/2 hours per training session
* Week-long Summer Camp & Winter Camp

* Tournaments Optional

* 20 training sessions per season (Spring and/or Fall). 
* The training sessions will be provided twice a week 
* 1 1/2 hours per training session
* All league games per season
* 1 Summer Camp 
* 1 Winter Camp

* Tournaments Optional

* 30 training sessions per season (Spring and/or Fall). 
* The training sessions will be provided three times a week 
* 2 hours per training session
* All league games per season.
* 2 Summer Camps 
* 1 Winter Camp

* All Tournaments Included

ITS is committed to building the next American youth soccer generation.

For more information on the quality of International Touch, "Team Training Program", please see "Testimonials".

Please call us today for more information.

Winter & Summer Camps

Today, like never before, the sport of soccer requests less unsurprising and more innovative styles of play. Imaginativeness on the ball is really the excellent diversion.

ITS Academy accepts that players ought to be liberated to be innovative with the ball, particularly at the young level. Brazil has five World Cups and is one of the best National Teams in the World in light of the fact that they have the FREEDOM TO CREATE, which is critical to Brazilian enchantment on the pitch. We ought to be valiant of errors in preparing at the adolescent level and be allowed to develop moves to end up better craftsmen with the ball.

At our innovativeness camp, ITS mentors will show players special thoughts with the ball that can help them to wind up more erratic and adaptable on the pitch. We will actually give a special style of preparing that will permit players to adjust and extemporize given the distinctive requests of the diversion. Furthermore, ITS will fortify life aptitudes, for example, cooperation, sportsmanship, control, diligent work, responsibility and an inspirational demeanor.

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